What to expect when you brew with witches

Recipe Day

Around a week before brew day, we will meet with you and agree on style, grain bill, hops, yeast, and any additional ingredients. 

Brew Day Goals

Our members range from seasoned brewery staff, to confident home brewers, to folks who can't wait to learn about the process, but are starting around zero. 

We see collaborating on brewing with our sponsors as a great opportunity for all types of members to gain experience with the professional brewing process, to learn, and to help make something they can be proud of! 

Brew Day Process

Generally, a group of our Witches (usually 3 or 4, including a representative of our Leadership) will arrive in the morning and get right to work. 

The Witches roll up their sleeves and do the hard work, under the supervision of the brewery's staff.

We'll mill the grain, put in all the ingredients, connect any hoses, the whole she-bang!  Once the beer is in the fermenter, the Witches will stick around for any needed cleanup. 

We've had the opportunity to learn from the commentary and guidance from brew masters as we help do the work, and we've greatly appreciated getting the opportunity to learn hands on! 

And you know we love our Social Media, so you can expect some photos and videos on our Instagram as our proud Witches do their work!

As the beer ferments, we'll be in touch via text or email to stay up to date about how the beer is progressing. 

Tapping That

Brew Witches often have a big event coinciding with the tapping / release of a collaborative beer.  We will collaborate on a plan for how the release will be handled, but you can be assured that all the Witches will want to come by the tap room and taste our latest creation!