About the Brew Witches

Women drinking craft beer red white black dresses ladies feminist inland empire

"Supporting women who love craft beer" is our motto, and friendship is our aim!

Our not-for-profit club, Brew Witches, Inc., was founded in late 2016 after a fateful encounter between two of our founding members. At that time, one of our Founding-Mothers-to-be was working at a local brewery when a young intelligent woman from another local brewery walked in and their shared passion for beer became evident. These two women, along with two other female beertenders, came together to start a feminist beer collective now known as the Inland Empire  Brew Witches, Inc.

The goal of our club is to conduct, promote, and administer in the local area through:

  • Group education
  • Fundraising and technology
  • Creating community

We also want to advance feminism in the local craft beer community by providing healthy and equal environments, as well as a safe and quality environment, for its members. Brew Witches raise funds in support of local charitable organizations strengthening our community.

We always act on behalf of the common interest of our members by educating each other on the multiple aspects of the craft beer industry.

We are so excited to have found so many like-minded women in our community to share our time with. Our club is open to all genders to join and participate!

The Inland Empire Chapter of the Brew Witches, Inc. officially holds the status of a 501(c)(7) in California. This means we have the legal status of  a "social or recreational club that is organized for pleasure, recreation, and other nonprofitable purposes. Members must share interests and have a common goal directed toward pleasure and recreation, and the organization must provide opportunities for personal contact among members."

Come hang out with us! Check our social media (@iebrewwtiches) and our Calendar for meet up times and locations. And don't be afraid to reach out! We're always here for you if you have any questions.