Why do i pay dues?

Membership dues enable us to create the community that makes Brew Witches such a special group. Some examples of where membership dues go are:

  • Swag! Members get exclusive, high quality items like tee shirts and pins. When you wear these, everyone knows you're a proud Witch.
  • Cards! Your membership cards let breweries (and everyone else!) know you're literally a card-carrying Witch. (Bonus: if someone tries to 'splain something about beer to you, you can low key flash it show them you know what you're talking about!)
  • Fundraiser expenses! When we host fundraisers, we want every penny we collect from donors to go to our chosen cause -- so we use Brew Witches funds to cover basics like wristbands, cups, etc.
  • Discounts! We offer discounted prices for event tickets and other items to card-carrying Witches.
  • Social Events! When we do Galentines crafts, or share a special Members Only party, or when we just buy some pizza to share ... your dues make that possible. 
  • Operational expenses! We try to keep these to a minimum, but web hosting, our P.O. Box, etc. don't come for free.
  • Pre-payment for Supplies! Remember that awesome Off Flavor tasting event we had? The supplies for that were pre-purchased from our Witches account. Without your dues, we wouldn't be able to do things like that.
  • And lots more! 

If you want to get into the nitty gritty, reach out by email and our spreadsheet-loving Treasurer will talk your ear off.  And if membership dues create a hardship for you, please let us know -- we can work something out!

About Membership

Join Us!


Membership has its privileges and membership with the Inland Empire Brew Witches is no exception! We love the people that compose our membership and we are happy to include anyone who wants to join us! In addition to membership and access to exclusive events, membership in the Inland Empire Brew Witches includes:

Brew Witches are proud of our commitment to our code of conduct.

Membership Drive

membership drive skulls cups koozies coozies halloween upland inland empire brew witches brewwitches

We are changing up how we recruit members!  This year, during the month of August only, sign ups will be open for  October 2019 - October 2020 memberships! 

Paid members have access to our special members-only events and merch, to discounted event tickets, and more! 

If you haven't had a chance to sign up yet, you should still come to one of our biweekly meet-ups. These events are usually open to the general public and all are welcome (spouses and pets included!) -- and we know once you come to a meet-up, you'll be coming back week after week! 

See you soon!