Leadership Committees

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Committees will help Brew Witches leadership as we offer more expansive educational, service, and social opportunities to our members and our community. If you’re interested in serving on a committee, please get in touch with us! iebrewwitches@gmail.com

Meetup Committee

Meetups are the backbone of Brew Witches – at our heart we are a group of (mostly) women hanging out, drinking beer, and supporting and educating one another. Volunteers on our meetup committee can ‘host’ one of our regularly scheduled meetups individually or with a buddy. Depending on your skills and passions, you could coordinate a craft, teach everyone a game, provide information about an aspect of brewing (or anything else you’re passionate about!) or come up with something new we haven’t even thought of!

If you have a million ideas about how to make our meetups even more fun – or just want to get in on the action – this opportunity is for you!

The Meetup Committee Chairperson will provide guidance to committee members and liaise with our President and Founding Mother, Sage.

Events Committee

The Brew Witches are also known for our big events, and for participating in community events around the IE. Events committee members will jump in to make sure we keep improving what we do! 

We need a variety of skills on this committee – ‘ideas women’, Witches who can work on publicity and community engagement, members who are down to do the legwork of set up and clean up for our events, Witches who can create and organize a schedule of volunteers, and folks who like nothing more than to talk to new people about who we are and what we do and why we’re so fun.

This committee is for you if you love making checklists, have a ton of ideas for meaningful ways the Witches can engage with the community, or just want to pour beer, sell merch, paint faces, and tell everyone how great our club is.

The Chairperson of the Events Committee will work closely with our Vice President and Founding Mother, Destiny.